Sexism in Combat Sports

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”  ― Ernest Hemingway Evidently I am part of the problem.  It is sexist of me to think that watching men punch women in the face would be unpleasant.  The conversation on Twitter was about Mixed […]

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No Cure for Autism

Sometimes it is difficult not to weigh in on the less than enlightened comments on Twitter regarding autism. In the middle of August, the academic Simon Baron-Cohen expressed outrage at #EndAutismNow.  Although the Theory of Mind (which Baron-Cohen researches) does not apply to those with a language delay, and his extreme maleness spectrum is not […]

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How the Light Gets In

I highly recommend this festival.  My fellow attendees tend towards the Left of Centre, but the invited speakers range across the entire political spectrum which provides an environment for interesting and healthy debate.  There is occasional booing and hissing at the Right of Centre speakers, though not as much as two years ago.  As a […]

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Preference, Choice, and Priorities

Women’s preferences.  You hear this a lot lately if you are paying attention to the women in STEM discussions and it’s worth dissecting.  Firstly I would like to coin the phrase O’Rourke’s Law, where you have gone off on the wrong tangent if you end up talking about Sweden (a mashup of P. J. O’Rourke’s […]

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The Myth of the Lone Genius

A short comment on the recent article by Geoff Sutton in The New European regarding the “undoubted geniuses” running the big tech giants. The Big Five founders are (or were) undoubtedly smart, business savvy (or smart enough to hire in that expertise), and lucky.  But to ascribe them the term genius is a bit of […]

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Administrative Sex

Contributions to this blog will be more intermittent than I would like.  My ability to write is directly proportional to my annoyance at someone saying something less than well considered in an area which I know something about – autism, computer science, mathematics, and this week, what it means to be a woman.  A week […]

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